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Maria PAPADOPOULOS is a Professor Emeritus, living and working in the France. She taught French at the University of Athens and Franco-Hellenic schools established in Greece, and she spent twenty years as an official translator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic. She holds degrees in Greek and French Philology and Philosophy. In her capacity as a researcher within the Academy of Athens, she contributed to the development of the Atlas Linguarum Europae (ALE ), a research program of the International Academic Union (Nijmegen – The Netherlands). Member of the Société des Amis de Montaigne (France), of the Hellenic Society for Philosophical Studies (Greece), the Hellenic Society for Philosophy (Greece), the International Federation of French Teachers (IPPF) and the Association des Professeurs de Français de Formation Universitaire en Grèce (APF FU) (Greece). She has written several books, philosophical and educational. A significant portion of her work is devoted to research and publishing and the communication of her results at conferences.

Livres par Maria PAPADOPOULOS:

Méduse d’Or est une Maison d'Édition et Librairie indépendante située en France. Méduse d’Or est dédiée à la publication et à la vente d’ouvrages et revues universitaires.

Méduse d’Or offre également une large gamme de services pour les auteurs d'ouvrages universitaires et littéraires, qui souhaitent traduire et/ou améliorer leurs ouvrages avant leur publication en trois langues: français, anglais et grec.