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Press Release Revue de l’Archéologie du Bateau

mardi avril 7, 2020

Éditions Méduse d’Or launches the Revue de l’Archéologie du Bateau.

Éditions Méduse d’Or announces the launch of a new annual, peer-reviewed, journal entitled Revue de l’Archéologie du Bateau. Set to debut in spring 2020, the new journal will focus on presenting innovative archaeological research on the analysis and interpretation of ancient and historic boats. Readership will include a broad spectrum of methodological and interpretive approaches to this type of watercraft spanning from issues of preservation and modern recording techniques to dating and interpretive analyses of construction, use, provenance, deposition, disposal and symbolism.

The journal’s editorial team is led by the editor-in-chief Dr Panagiota MARKOULAKI (Archaeologist) and deputy editor Maria PAPADOPOULOU (Emerita Professor).

Panagiota explained the new journal’s relevance: “A boat has, and continues to, constitute an important object in societies; their archaeological significance having been overshadowed by the archaeologists’ attention to ships. By focusing on boats dating from the prehistoric period to the 20th century, the Revue de l’Archéologie du Bateau will provide a venue for expertise research that will allow us to achieve a better, a more focused, understanding of the history of an important to any society type of watercraft: the boat.”

“We are particularly excited to create this forum for experts to share their knowledge and research and stay abreast of developments in archaeological and museum techniques and theoretical approaches, including best practices in the domain,” continues Panagiota. “Being a bilingual journal (French and English), the journal is open to a wide readership, while with its focus, the Revue de l’Archéologie du Bateau covers topics that would appeal not only to academic experts in the field of nautical archaeology, but also to professional archaeologists, archaeology students, as well as amateurs with an interest in the archaeology and museology of boats. Our hope is that by presenting the work of experts, the journal might serve as a catalyst to stimulate new interdisciplinary collaborations and even further advances in this field of research.”

Published by Méduse d’Or Publishing House, the Revue de l’Archéologie du Bateau will add to the already esteemed portfolio of Méduse d’Or academic journals.

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For additional information, please contact Dr Panagiota MARKOULAKI (France).

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