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Journal of Hellenic Religion: Volume 9 (2015-2016)

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The Journal of Hellenic Religion (ISSN 1748-7811) is a peer-reviewed Journal published annually by Markoulakis Publications for the study and analysis of ancient Greek religion, theology and mythology.

This volume include the following articles / essays and book reviews:

Travelling gods in Pre-Roman Meridional Gaul. By Maria Papadopoulos p. 1

Book Review: MARGARET M. MILES (ed.). Autopsy in Athens. By Panagiota Markoulaki p. 25

Book Review: JOHN BOARDMAN, ANDREW PARKIN, SALLY WAITE (eds) On the Fascination of Objects By Panagiota Markoulaki p. 31


  • Volume : 9
  • ISSN: 17487811
  • ZDB OPAC: 17487811
  • OCLC number: 315891871
  • Éditeur: Markoulakis Publications
  • Langue(s) anglaise
  • Date de publication: avril 2016

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